Sce Lamp Exchange was established in 2001 to help teachers all over the world find reputable teaching jobs in the United Kingdom.

Each year, Sce Lamp Exchange helps hundreds of teachers from all around the world to find employment in the UK. As one of the most largest and diverse teacher recruitment agencies in the world, Sce Lamp Exchange is built upon honesty, compassion, and fun education professionals with a passion for living and working abroad.

Sce Lamp Exchange partners with an extensive range of educational institutions in the UK including levels of elementary, middle, and high schools; as well as public schools, international schools, private English schools, summer camps, adult learning centres and businesses that require English language instructors.

Sce Lamp Exchange provides aid in helping teachers pursue a career in international education and experience. Our commitment to promoting top quality education results in support of teachers from initial applications to completion of their overseas contract in teaching.

Sce Lamp Exchange takes pride in working with leading institutions in the UK that provide useful employment for education professionals. We use our experiences and resources to work with communities as an international organisation.

Sce Lamp Exchange is focused on building a global education community that extends beyond the traditional route of recruitments. Our team can help you find daily, long-term teaching jobs in some of the finest schools around.

We provide many benefits including: a comprehensive job search, personalised assistance with the application and visa process, access to exclusive international schools, social events for connecting with other teachers, on-site support in the UK and much more.

Sce Lamp Exchange is dedicated to helping educators find meaningful employment opportunities abroad. We are here to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout the entire process of finding the perfect job for you.

We look forward to helping you achieve a successful career in international education! Get started today by exploring our job opportunities or contacting us directly for more information. We can’t wait to help you find a teaching job in the UK!